Our Story

Inspired to make a difference, we built a team and surrounded ourselves with people who believe in helping the world smile a little more. We created an environment where the art of never giving up embodies who we are.
We are unique, the only one of our kind in the healthcare industry to have a Practice Community, a Supply Company, and an Educational Platform all under one umbrella.
A vision of a perfect circle came to life. Our story does not have a destination but rather, is a never-ending journey. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow.

If we stop learning, we stop growing!

About Us

Smiles First Corporation is inspired to make a difference with a team of people who believe in helping the world smile a little more. All under one umbrella in the healthcare industry, we have a practice community, a healthcare supply company, and an educational platform.
Smiles First Academy
Smiles First Academy offers a variety of courses and seminars – both hands on and online. We are focused on helping you develop and achieve your needs and goals in the dental & business world.
Smiles First Practice Community
Smiles First Practice Community consist of 20 + Dental offices that we own all across Canada. We focus on acquiring to purchase dental offices and are always looking for talent to join our family.
Dens ’N Dente is a Canadian based healthcare company that strives to be the best industry leader of healthcare supplies, service and equipment. As a fast-growing company, we are committed to providing our customers the best dental and healthcare supplies while adapting to trends and needs.
I have had the pleasure of practicing dentistry for over 20 years – opening my first dental practice in 1997. Throughout my journey, I have learned that a successful business is about people and relationships. Relationships with my patients, watching them grow from children to having families of their own. Relationships with my team, understanding that great talent will attract, nurture and breed even greater talent. Our culture is unique and we are constantly seeking out opportunities to enhance people’s lives. Both internally and externally, we strive to help the world “Smile just a little more!”
Dr. Azim Parekh, CEO
Dental Surgeon, Founder & CEO
Dr Azim Parekh


We are committed to the betterment of all team members. Together, we make a difference in people’s lives.
Get to know our talented people who are behind the success of Smiles First.

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